Week 1

This is the first week of semester two, and we have already had two classes with Professor Howey. We discussed the course structure and his teaching style. I must say that after these two classes, he is unlike any professor I have met before. One thing he emphasized in two different courses was, 'I believe in active learning, not passive learning, and since you are all adults, you have to take responsibility for your work.' This statement has been sticking in my mind since the first day I heard it. The principle behind it is something I have always believed in because all achievements and successful stories are built through hard work, not by sitting there expecting others to impart knowledge into your brain (although Elon Musk just tested a neural link that implants a chip in the human brain, so that may actually happen in the future). However, as Professor Howey pointed out, I did not actively seek to learn during my undergraduate study. One of the reasons is that I did not feel I had chosen this path but rather was 'passively' doing it because it was what everyone else was doing, and my parents wished me to go to university. I was learning for them, not for myself, and that was something that resonated with me when Professor Howey said, 'You have to take responsibility for your work.' I truly believe that I can manage to have consistent study habits for a brighter future, especially with a professor who is confident in us.

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