Weak three

This week, two things happened. One is that we finally finalized all of our team members, and so far we've done a lot of brainstorming that gave us tons of business ideas. Those were exciting, but we have so many uncommon proposals that I started to worry we might hard to put our foot down on one topic. Although to be honest, many of the ideas were unclear and not one of them told me why they think their business idea is the best. Moreover, looks like none of us want to step up and take the leadership role, and that could make the process even harder. We are a little bit late in progress and we have the presentation next Monday. We will see what is going to happen for this weekend's meeting. And I will take charge if no one is willing to do so.

Next, we had these two entrepreneurs from the program a couple of years ago come in to talk to us. They've made some progress with their businesses, which is cool. But instead of diving into the nitty-gritty of how they're making bank, they talked about their journey and feelings, like how nervous they were when they first started out. Some people might've found it inspiring, but honestly, it didn't really resonate with me. I've never really felt emotionally blocked in my own pursuits.


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