Week 10

Today's class focused on crafting the perfect pitch, which perfectly aligns with the mindset shift required for our final presentation. It's crucial to remember: we're not just presenting to professors, we're pitching to potential investors. While I've enjoyed watching shows like Dragon's Den and Shark Tank, this will be my first time personally delivering a pitch. Though I don't anticipate the short format (1-3 minutes) to be overly difficult, I worry about balancing the need for a compelling pitch with the assessment requirements, while ensuring each group member has a chance to contribute.

Update: During yesterday's work on our final pitch, I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. The overall style felt disjointed and lacked polish, resembling a high school project rather than a professional business pitch. Despite some debate, we settled on a mix of my approach and another teammate's. This arugement highlighting a challenge we faced: the lack of a clear leader or agreed-upon style made it difficult to create a cohesive presentation. While we don't have a traditional superior/subordinate structure, ensuring quality and stylistic unity proved difficult. This is a hurdle I need to address.

Moving forward, my focus needs to be on improving team communication. I realize I need to express my ideas more clearly before taking action. Starting now, our goal must be to establish a shared vision for the pitch. This might involve:

  • Designating a "Creative Lead": Perhaps one member, not necessarily me, can ensure style consistency (I think the current style is good enough, we might require some change).
  • Collective Brainstorming: Dedicate time to a thorough discussion of the pitch aesthetics, with everyone contributing and agreeing on a direction.
  • Feedback Loops: Build in time for critique after each iteration, ensuring alignment before finalizing.
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