Week 4

This week, Professor Kim took us through the basics of market research. We delved into why it's crucial to validate our ideas before diving headfirst into the startup world. However, the discussion served as a stark reminder of the challenges inherent in this path. It became evident that many of us aspiring entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the sheer groundwork required for success. As we explored concepts like market segmentation and identifying a niche market, we realized how easily we can overlook essential details in our eagerness to get started. Learning about end-user personas prompted us to question the depth of our understanding of our target audience. Are our assumptions based on genuine insights or mere speculation? While Lean Start-up approaches offer rapid feedback, we couldn't help but wonder if speed sometimes takes precedence over accuracy. And while we embrace the excitement of the startup world, it's crucial to remember that success hinges not just on buzzwords but on strategic thinking and careful execution.

This week's presentation was a real eye-opener. We had a rocky start due to some communication hiccups within the group last week, which meant we couldn't finalize our business idea until the eleventh hour. Seeing how well-prepared the other teams were made me realize that I needed to step up and take on more responsibility as the team leader if we wanted to keep up with them in this course. Despite the tough feedback from the teacher, it was a reality check for us. It made us see that this assessment isn't just about shooting for the stars; it's about being practical and relevant. I'm feeling positive that we'll nail down our final idea this week and really shine in our next presentation.

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