Week 6

Overall I would say it is a very meaningful leacture and it helped me solve some confusions from the last class. I was have a little concern about the methods of starting a business not having some real actions but rather collecting evidence to prove feasability. This week's class taught us the concept of MVP, scale-up like series funding. It dawned on me that all the things we'd been discussing before, including business canva or value proposition, were being used to convince other people to help fund the company. I hadn't really thought about financing in the last week (or maybe I thought our project didn't need much startup capital?). ), which led me to overlook the importance of these things.

Next, our group plans to follow the step-by-step presented in the powerpoint to refine our product. However, what's worse is that I feel like our group is being further demotivated, with me and another member of my group taking on the majority of the work (since it was an idea that she and I came up with together). The other members of the group were somewhat indifferent to the details of the product, asking questions in the moment and not contributing much afterward in the group meetings. There was a sense of asking questions and then forgetting about them. I think the reason people didn't want to take on too much responsibility may have been because I, as the group leader, didn't do a good job of pointing the way, showing confidence in the project, or other factors. But as a group work alone, this may not be the same as business management, and I really don't know any way to make people put more effort into this project other than financial support (salary). I guess I need an opportunity to see what other leaders do to keep their groups unitd.

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