week 7

This week our group project was to work on prototype design. I have to say that our initial understanding of a prototype was that we just needed to create the initial app interface picture, but after this week's class I seem to realise that the professor's expectations are higher than I thought. Although Professor Nick didn't say so explicitly, he introduced us to a number of tools, including Wix and the codeless software development website, which I tried out in class and found quite easy to use. I thought about using AI to help me build the app, which is a relatively complicated method, so I basically gave up on that idea and used Canva to make pictures instead. But how can we just make some pictures when we have such easy tools to build an actual application? I can't help but fantasise about the huge demand and market we'll have for this app once it's developed. 

Plus this week's lesson. I feel like this week's class was very unnecessary, or that it would be more helpful and should have been put in the first or second week while we were in brainstorm business. That way we can combine our ideas with sustainability and ethic at the beginning instead of bringing this up near the end. I'd much rather hear some real life examples of how other companies are founded and run than that. Some case study might be more helpful for us at this stage. For example, what is the lime case's business canva like, what is their target group and etc..


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