Moonstone - A Shimmering Marvel of Nature: Properties, Value, and Effect

Moonstone Geological Properties

Category: Feldspar

Mineral: Orthoclase

Chemical composition: Potassium sodium silicate

Chemical formula: KAlSi3O8

Crystal structure: Monoclinic for Orthoclase, Triclinic for Albite

Refractive index: 1.518~1.526

Birefringence: 0.005~0.008

Specific gravity: 2.55~2.61

Mohs hardness: 6.0~6.5

Color: Colorless, white, blue, gray, black, green, pink, brown, etc.

Sources: Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Burma, Tanzania, Mexico


Moonstone, also known as "moon stone", is a category of orthoclase mineral in the feldspar family. It is composed of two types of feldspar minerals, Orthoclase and Albite. Initially, when the raw stone is formed, these two minerals mix together. As the newly formed mineral cools, the co-existing orthoclase and albite separate into alternating stacked layers.

When light enters the gem and travels through layers, it reflects and refracts, creating a visual phenomenon of a bluish-white glow known as adularescence. This is also referred to as the moonlight effect, or in the industry as the "Blue Sheen", where the light seems to flow within the gem, causing the moonstone's surface to shimmer. If the gem is moved or the viewing angle is changed, the hazy halo of light will flip along with it, the agility of this halo being one of the most enchanting aspects of adularescence. The gem shines with a serene white, blue halo, reminiscent of the bright, pure moonlight, hence named moonstone.

The body color of the moonstone ranges widely, with the most common being colorless, white to blue-white, but also gray, black, blue, pink, green, yellow, brown, or orange, appearing nearly transparent, translucent to opaque. Generally, when choosing a moonstone, its bluish-white glow effect is most valued. The highest quality moonstone should have a colorless background and present a blue sheen. The more noticeable the blue sheen, the more valuable it is.


source: American Gem Trade Association

The Legends and Symbolism of Moonstone

In Indian mythology, the moonstone is formed from solidified moonlight. The ancient Greeks and Romans deeply believed that the moonstone held powerful energy during the full moon, and could bestow upon people a sixth sense. It was said that holding a moonstone in one's mouth during the full moon could allow one to foresee the future. The moonstone is hailed as a symbol of health, wealth, and beauty, and is typically associated with love, passion, and fertility. Moonstone is known as the "lover's stone". Those in love often use it as a token of their commitment, signifying happiness and joy between lovers. Wearing a moonstone, regardless of where the other person is, one will always feel connected and never feel lonely or helpless. Moonstone is believed to be a gift from the moon goddess to mankind. It seems to carry a mysterious power; it's said that wearing a moonstone could lead you to the best lover, attracting love as beautiful as the full moon. In the United States, moonstone is referred to as the "sacred stone". Native Americans believe that the moonstone is the gemstone for the 13th wedding anniversary. As the birthstone for March, it's believed that the moonstone can bring good fortune to the wearer.


The Effects and Uses of Moonstone

  1. Elimination of Negative Energy In the hectic pace of modern life, people often experience physical and mental fatigue. Moonstone can alleviate the mental tension caused by life pressure, providing more stable emotions for wearers, calming them down, allowing them to listen to their innermost voices, replenish spiritual energy, and regain peace and harmony. Moreover, moonstone helps to ward off any type of negative energy, facilitating personal growth.
  2. Improve Sleep Quality It is said that moonstone has exceptional healing and calming properties. For those who frequently suffer from insomnia and restless nights, placing a moonstone under the pillow can facilitate a calm sleep state and ensure adequate rest due to its gentle and stable magnetic field. Most cases of insomnia are caused by anxiety and stress, and moonstone can help us let go of these negative emotions and relax our mind and body.

  3. Protecting Love Moonstone is synonymous with love and is also known as the "lover's stone". It can attract positive energy, enabling people to live in happy relationships and establish good and healthy relationships. Lovers who love each other use it as a token of their commitment. As such, many people choose to use moonstone to make engagement rings. It is said to promote mutual understanding between couples, making the relationship more harmonious, happy, and joyful. Many people also believe that moonstone can help a relationship blend again, healing broken relationships.

  4. Attracting Love Wearing moonstone helps to open the energy of love, highlight one's best side, and successfully attract others, leading to meeting the other half of one's life and attracting beautiful love.

  5. Regulating Temperament, Softening the Spirit The energy of moonstone is delicate and gentle. It has a great soothing effect on people who are strong, impulsive, straightforward, and a bit reckless. Many people believe that wearing moonstone helps stabilize emotions, soothe impatient states, improve the temperament from within, bring calm behavior and an elegant attitude, thereby cultivating one's character.

  6. Enhancing Intuition and Inspiration Moonstone helps to strengthen the thinking ability of the brain, making thoughts clearer, enhancing a person's "sixth sense". It is said that wearing moonstone during the full moon allows its energy to resonate with the moon, doubling its effect, thereby enhancing a person's intuition and inspiration.

  7. Promoting "Good Pregnancy" Moonstone is also known as the "stone of new life". Hindus link this luminous gemstone with love and fertility. Many people believe that moonstone is very suitable for women who are preparing to conceive, or expectant mothers. Wearing it can help ensure a safe pregnancy and good luck, help pregnant women adjust to a good physical and mental state, and is also beneficial for women during lactation.


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