Meaning and Metaphysical Properties of Tiger Eye Stone: Harnessing the Golden Power

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Tiger's Eye Geological Properties

  • Category: Mineral
  • Mineral Composition: Quartz Aggregate
  • Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2
  • Crystal Structure: Hexagonal System
  • Refractive Index: 1.54~1.55
  • Specific Gravity: 2.64~2.71
  • Mohs Hardness: 6.5~7.0
  • Colors: Yellow, Brownish Yellow, Brown, Reddish Brown, Blue
  • Sources: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, Namibia, India, Myanmar, China


Tiger's Eye, also known as "Tigerite" in English, is a gemstone with a cat's eye effect (though not all Tiger's Eye has this effect), and is considered sacred by Indians. When Tiger's Eye is cut and polished into a curved surface, a bright and somewhat movable silky light strip appears on the surface, flowing as the direction of observation changes, reminiscent of a long, narrow pupil. The color and pattern of Tiger's Eye is similar to a tiger, noble and domineering, hence the name.

Tiger's Eye is a quartz aggregate, a gem formed by the chemical reaction of vein crocidolite fiber turning into iron oxide and then reacting with silicon dioxide, usually found in metamorphic rocks. Its colors include yellow, brownish yellow, brown, reddish brown, blue, etc., appearing opaque with a silky luster. It has a fine and tenacious texture, with a fine fibrous structure. If it is cut into a curved shape from the vertical fiber direction, under the illumination of light, a cat's-eye-like light will appear on the curved surface. Therefore, most Tiger's Eye stones on the market are processed using convex round cut, which best highlights the beauty of Tiger's Eye.

Tiger's Eye is a variant of Wood Alexandrite, both of which are in fact Silicified Crocidolite. The quartz fibers in Tiger's Eye are shorter than in Wood Alexandrite, and the arrangement is irregular, presenting a pattern-like arrangement in any direction. Wood Alexandrite is actually a kind of jade in a broad sense, and it mainly has two varieties: Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye. Both are variants of Wood Alexandrite, where the yellow-brown Wood Alexandrite is called Tiger's Eye, and the blue-gray Wood Alexandrite is called Hawk's Eye. To be precise, Wood Alexandrite, Tiger's Eye, and Hawk's Eye are all quartz aggregates that retain the asbestos fiber structure.


Colors of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye forms a range of different colored minerals due to its growing environment and the different trace elements it contains. In the jewelry market, the more common one is the brownish-yellow Yellow Tiger's Eye, while the bluish-gray Blue Tiger's Eye and reddish-brown Red Tiger's Eye are relatively less common, so their value is higher.

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  • Yellow Tiger's Eye (Yellow Tiger's Eye/Yellow Tigerite)

Yellow Tiger's Eye includes golden Tiger's Eye and yellow-brown Tiger's Eye, which are the most common colors in Tiger's Eye. Due to the later oxidation of limonite, the Tiger's Eye presents a golden or yellow-brown color, with a strong silky or diamond luster, like the color of wealth, and it looks authoritative when worn, which is very popular with consumers.

  • Blue Tiger's Eye / Hawk's Eye (Blue Tiger's Eye/Hawk's Eye)

Blue Tiger's Eye, also known as "Hawk's Eye," is a blue variant produced by the incomplete silicification process of Tiger's Eye, containing blue asbestos, mainly in blue, usually appearing in blue and bluish-gray, sharp like a hawk's eye, hence the name Hawk's Eye. The strong silky luster makes its appearance like a blue satin with peculiar patterns, presenting a mysterious and graceful texture. Due to its scarcity, Hawk's Eye has the highest value among all Tiger's Eye colors.

  • Red Tiger's Eye / Dragon's Eye (Red Tiger's Eye/Dragon's Eye)

Red Tiger's Eye, also known as "Dragon's Eye," gets its color from the increase in the concentration of hydrated iron oxide, presenting red and reddish-brown colors, with charming striped patterns, creating a shiny luster like silk. Red Tiger's Eye has obvious unique features. The high-quality ones can even see the flashing red light at different observation angles, which is gorgeous and domineering.


The Legend of Tiger's Eye

In Greek mythology, after the Trojan War, those Greek heroes who survived on the battlefield and on the way home returned to their homeland, but Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, did not return because the goddess of fate arranged for him another peculiar experience. After the war, Odysseus was drifting abroad for ten years. Because he blinded the one-eyed giant Cyclops' eye, he offended the sea god Poseidon and was repeatedly hindered by Poseidon, experiencing various hardships and dangers along the way.

Fortunately, the goddess Athena gave him a bracelet made of Tiger's Eye, which helped him turn danger into safety. When people thought that Odysseus must have died because he had not returned for ten years, it was said that the powerful energy of Tiger's Eye gave Odysseus endless strength and courage all the way, went through countless difficulties and obstacles, and finally returned to his homeland, and reunited with his wife.

8mm, 10 mm yellow tiger eyeblue tiger eye, 8mm, 10mm

Tiger's Eye's Healing Properties

  • Yellow Tiger's Eye
  1. Yellow is a symbol of wealth, and Yellow Tiger's Eye can help attract unexpected wealth.
  2. It can inspire the wearer's courage and help resist mental stress such as depression, anxiety, fear, tension, and fright.
  3. It helps people stick to principles when doing things.
  4. It gives the wearer confidence and is suitable for people with less firm and decisive personalities.
  5. Like the vitality energy of the tiger's eye, it can make people more likely to make breakthroughs in their careers, understand self-discipline, relieve stress, and achieve goals.
  6. It enhances attention and concentration, keeps the mind clear, and makes thinking flexible.
  • Blue Tiger's Eye (Hawk's Eye)
  1. It has the effect of accelerating the formation of things. When a person has a wish in his heart, he can use the energy of Hawk's Eye to quickly fulfill his wish.
  2. It can inspire individual courage, bring confidence, make people firm in their beliefs, and be more courageous.
  3. It can dissolve a stubborn personality, make people keep up with trends, not be eliminated by the times, and bring a positive life attitude and action spirit.
  • Red Tiger's Eye
  1. Red represents passion and courage. Wearing Red Tiger's Eye can help overcome one's timid psychology, improve indecisiveness in personality, and make people more decisive and determined in their actions.
  2. Red Tiger's Eye is considered a talisman that can bring safety to the wearer and has the effect of warding off evil and blocking negative energy.
  3. Red Tiger's Eye can accumulate and protect wealth, enhance the wearer's self-control ability, and prevent the outflow of money and wealth.
  4. It helps to make people more steady and can handle affairs correctly, thus avoiding unnecessary disputes.
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