About Us

Who we are

Welcome to CrysTao Jewelry, a handmade crystal jewelry store founded in 2022 by two handcraft lovers. Our mission is to bring positive energy to people and help them achieve their Yin and Yang balance through the power of gemstones.

The "Tao" in our name represents "Taoism," a philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with the universe and the founder's name, Yuetao Yin. As someone who has personally experienced anxiety and depression, Yuetao understands the importance of finding balance and positivity in life.

At CrysTao Jewelry, we believe that gemstones can bring positive energy and healing to people's lives. That's why we carefully select each gemstone for our jewelry and give them different positive meanings based on their unique properties.

We take pride in our handmade jewelry and the positive impact it can have on our customers' lives. Our founder, Yuetao, discovered his passion for creating handmade crystal jewelry while exploring his interest in Fen Shui, Yin and Yang, and crystal healing. He found joy in creating unique pieces that look beautiful and carry positive energy and healing properties.

We hope that our jewelry brings balance and positivity to your life. Thank you for choosing CrysTao Jewelry.