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Malachite Bracelet

Malachite Bracelet

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Malachite is a classic protection stone. It can absorb both internal and external negative, poisonous, and polluting energies. This implies that you may utilize the stone to help you maintain a happy attitude in life and manage mood fluctuations. It will also help to open your heart to love and happy vibes, allowing you to love more freely and take healthy chances in life.

Chakra Association: Heart and Throat

Structure: Monoclinic


  • Due to manual measurement, please allow an error within 1mm
  • Because of the light difference, colours might not always reflect what they look like in reality.
  • Priced per individual bracelet


If insufficient stock is available for your order, please contact us

    Care Instructions

    • Regularly wipe with water
    • Avoid high and low temperture 
    • Avoid hard materials, such as key, rock etc.
    • Avoid from harsh chemicals and sweat
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