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Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelet

Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelet

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material: 7mm Tourmaline, Rose Quartz

Size: 16cm

Introducing our exquisite Tourmaline Bracelet featuring a Pixiu charm and rose quartz! Pixiu is a mythical creature known for attracting wealth and warding off negative energies, while Tourmaline and rose quartz bring grounding, protection, emotional healing, and abundance. Meticulously crafted with a unique design, this bracelet is a meaningful and fashionable addition to any jewelry collection. Embrace the positive energies of Pixiu, Tourmaline, and rose quartz with this captivating bracelet today!


  • Due to manual measurement, please allow an error within 1mm
  • Because of the light difference, colours might not always reflect what they look like in reality.
  • Priced per individual bracelet


If insufficient stock is available for your order, please contact us

Care Instructions

  • Regularly wipe with water
  • Avoid high and low temperture 
  • Avoid hard materials, such as key, rock etc.
  • Avoid from harsh chemicals and sweat
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